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Rodgers Returns


Four time state champion for Smith Center, Colt Rogers, has made his return to the scene of high school wrestling for the first time since his senior year, however he’s now donning purple, as the coach for the Lakin Broncs.

Rogers, a Smith Center alumni, created a legacy in both football and wrestling. With a 149-3 high school record, and a career total of 588 take downs, he set the bar high for his two younger brothers, as well as other athletes to follow. He signed with Pittsburgh State University his senior year for football, but later transferred to Bethany College for wrestling.

“There was a ton of tradition behind the coaches I wrestled for in college. I just learned so much to being a coach and being a competitor- it’s definitely a life style. To be successful, there’s no shortcuts. You have to put the work in. You can’t cut corners, you know. Hard work pays off.”

Although this is Rogers’ first year coaching, he doesn’t lack experience. He has roughly 20 years’ experience under his belt already from wrestling at an early age, attending camps, and learning from his many mentors and coaches.
“I had a great coach in high school, and a phenominal coach in college. I tried to soak in as much as I could and learn as much as I could from them.” Rogers said.


When asked about looking back now and the things he wish he would’ve known, or he wants his wrestlers to know, he said, “We talk about maxing ourselves out every day. It’s pretty easy to have a good day when you feel good, or when your body feels good. The days you don’t feel good, the days you don’t feel like practicing, bringing that consistency, those are the days that matter and take you to the next level. It’s easy for people to train hard when they feel good and want to, it’s when you don’t want to that will set you apart.”

Brock Hutchinson, Rogers’ high school wrestling coach and current Redman coach, had nothing but respect for him when asked about his future in coaching.

“I’m really excited to see a young man of his capabilities and his caliber out there. He is just such a decent young man and it’s lucky he can give back to the sport, and organization, that he happens to know a tremendous amount about.”



Paige Molstad