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The New Trend

Dalton Hensley wears his mask while he is running to get warmed up for his match.

In the past, wrestlers have been trying to find a way to strengthen their lungs while on the mat. They needed a way to make their lungs work harder so they can have more energy while wrestling. This year they have found a solution through the Elevation Training Mask. The mask helps you to take longer, fuller breaths when you are breathing which helps to make your lungs stronger.

“[Wearing the mask] it’s kind of a little bit of a confidence thing that you know that you’ve trained with less oxygen, that you’ve trained harder than your opponent has and you should be able to outlast him,” Ellis jr. Dalton Hensley said.

With this new training mask, it can help the wrestlers to have a better breathing pattern. The mask does this by making them feel as if they are breathing in a high altitude. When in a high altitude, the building of red blood cells and new capillaries increase the transfer of oxygen in the lungs to the rest of the body.

To get ready for his match, Carter Wessling jumps rope while wearing his mask.

“It controls my oxygen level and puts me at anywhere from 3000 to 16 or 1800 [feet] above sea level,” Beloit sr. Carter Wessling said.

This new mask is said to increase lung stamina, oxygen efficiency, lung capacity, and increase their mental focus. Overall, this mask has become a popular trend and continues to grow among other wrestlers.

“If you look around the state tournament there’s a bunch of kids wearing them,” Hensley said.




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