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Competing With the Big Boys

Taye Washington focuses on taking down his opponent.

Wrestling in weight class 285, Taye Washington came into state ranked third as a freshman. It is very unusual for a freshman to be ranked in a heavy weight class. He is known for being very quick on his feet for his size.

“It just took a lot of focus and not being scared, really you just got to stay focused,” Washington said.

Taye’s older brother, Kane Washington, was a state qualifier and also, a state champion in 2013. He has helped to guide Taye to where he is going and has given him lots of advice on how to win a state title.

“He just said to stay focused and keep working hard,” Taye Washington said. “He’s helped me a lot throughout the years.”
Head coach, Mike Porsch, has coached both Kane and Taye throughout his years of coaching. He says that he can see some of Kane’s techniques in his younger brother.

“Some of his over-bys and slide-bys and stuff but Taye’s got his own style too, which is good,” Porsch said.

Hoxie freshman, Taye Washington, wrestles opponent Jared Plante in quarterfinals.

Being a freshman, Washington is over-looked by many of his opponents. Especially being in an overweight class, people don’t consider him to come out so young and rank this high at state over people two to three years older than him.

“A lot of people said I wouldn’t do very good this year and I kind of showed them wrong,” Washington said.

Washington has been at wrestling for four years now. He has put on long hours of sweaty practices to get him here today.

“[I] just work really hard in the wrestling room every day after school and went in every Sunday,” Washington said.
Like every other coach, Porsch is hoping Washington can pull out a state title like his brother. Getting first in regionals puts Washington in a good place for winning in state.

“My expectations when we come here is we’ll all be state champions and so we will just take it one match at a time. If he wrestles aggressive and he wrestles hard I think he’s got a really good shot at winning a state title and placing really high,” Coach Porsch said.

In his last match today, he took on Plainville’s senior, Jared Plante, which didn’t end the way he had wanted. With the state champion title out of the picture for this year, Washington will have to wrestle up the back side of the bracket to get in for third and fourth tomorrow.