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Greg Tooley Goes for Gold Again

Senior, Greg Tooley has a lot to look forward to this year, He is ready to fight for the state title and knows what it takes, especially after winning state last year. Tooley faced off against Hunter Howerton from Netawaka, KS for the championship round of regionals and won by fall. Tooley will come into the state tournament ranked No. 1 in the all-state rankings with a record of 42-0. Tooley is looking forward to representing his hometown in Denver for the National Wrestling Tournament.

“The all-state ranking is exciting just because that is how they put together the national teams that go to Denver,” said Tooley.

Tooley spends a lot of time outside of practices and wrestling season. He pushes himself to do workouts even after he gets home from weights in the morning, school, and practice after school.

Greg Tooley
“I am a very self-motivated person and I kind of put together a lot of my own workouts. I have an hour of weights each day, I’ll have practice, and I lift at home sometimes at night when I get home after practice. I think the biggest thing is just wrestling in the off-season and then wrestling on the weekends when nobody else wrestles, kind of the extra little things.”

Although Tooley is very self-motivated, he has many people in his support system.

“There is a lot of people who have had an impact on my wrestling career. Cody Lambott had a pretty big impact on my wrestling career. I practiced with him a lot in the past and he’s taught me a lot about hand fighting, etc. My other one is my Mom. She has had a big impact on me, she’s always been there for me. And then my girlfriend keeps me on tact with my nutrition, like hardcore. And then probably God because I started my life with him and he’s the reason why I’m here. He’s what gave me the talent I have.”
Tooley committed to Fort Hays State University in the early signing period. High school standout, Brandon Ball, also committed to Fort Hays.

“I was also looking at Nebraska, but out of state tuition’s ridiculous.”
Tooley has received several outstanding wrestler awards, including one at regionals.
“I disagree with the outstanding wrestler because it’s all just like an opinionated thing. They’re just going to vote on who they saw and thought was outstanding. Sometimes, I’ve had meets where I wrestle like crap and they’re like ‘Oh, you’re the outstanding wrestler.’ I just wrestled like crap and there are kids that do really, really good, but the coaches don’t really see that.”

Brianna Rohr


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