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Silver Lake Looks to Improve

The Silver Lake Eagles came into the state tournament as one of the top four teams. They were ranked fourth beginning the tournament with six state qualifiers. They placed 7th last year and with a high ranking coming into the tournament they are hoping to reach an even higher placing this year.

“Our team goal this year is to be one of the top two placers,” freshman Gable Howerton said.

Of the six wrestlers two are seniors, one is a junior, one is a sophomore, and two are freshman. The three upperclassmen work hard to be role models for the younger wrestlers and do their best to be leaders.

“I lead by showing up early and encouraging the younger kids when practice gets hard,” senior Michael Marsh said.

Motivation is not lacking for this Eagles team. Many aspects encourage these wrestlers to continue working hard like their teammates and coaches. Another important person to encourage these wrestlers is themselves.

“What keeps me motivated throughout the season is all the hard work I put into the season, the possibility of becoming a state champ, and I just keep working hard every day,” sophomore Dalton Duiltmeier said.

This Silver Lake team also works hard to be prepared for all tournaments. They look to their coaches to help them feel confident for any challenges they may face.

“The coaches and I go through all of our technique that we’ve learned throughout the year and we talk about what we’re going to do to win,” Marsh said.

This team looks to push themselves in all ways to improve their wrestling ability inside and outside of practice.

“I run extra after practices and I drill with other people at my house,” Duiltmeier said.

The Silver Lake Eagles want to compete, do well, and improve their placing from last year. The team works to improve themselves and the team, prepares before every tournament, and they want to work hard and do their best.

“This is for everything. It’s state. We have to do whatever it takes,” Howerton said.

Sarah Mick



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