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Ball Brothers Confide in Each Other

Receiving 5th as a team last year, Hoisington came into the state tournament this year with high expectations. Hoisington came to the tournament with 10 wrestlers including wrestling standout Brandon Ball, who was won the state title the three previous years.

“We have a three-time state champion, Brandon Ball, on our team and he kind of motivates everyone. He’s like the light of our team. He gets everyone up and going so he motivates everyone he’ll come grab you in practice and make you work hard, he won’t let you slouch,” said freshman Tanner Cassity.

But, Brandon isn’t the only Ball family standout. Freshman Christopher Ball and Sophomore Jonathan Ball are brothers to Brandon and are also competing at the state tournament.

“I’m a proud papa! We talked about just basic skills as far as going out there aggressive and moving the people around and just completing your moves. I told them don’t try and overanalyze stuff just go out there and wrestle. They have a lot of muscle memory in their skill set now and so just let your mind do the work without trying to think about it,” said Bruce Ball.

Pictured to the right Brandon Ball wrestles Gabe Hamel in the second round of the state tournament. Ball won over Hamel by fall.

Not only do the Ball brothers enjoy being at the state tournament, just like any other wrestler, but they enjoy being there with each other.

“It feels really good that they’re here too, it’s nice to just have your family around, you know just talking and messing around a little bit,” Jonathan Ball said.

It is clear that having family around helps tremendously and motivates the Ball brothers to do their best.

“I just do my best. They push me in practice, we pus each other,” Christopher Ball said.

Brianna Rohr



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