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Scott City: Accomplished Coach

He has three state titles, named Kansas Coach of the Year, and sportsmanship Coach of the Year. This man is the Scott City’s wrestling coach, Jon Lippelmann. He is now put in, as the number seven spot, with the wrestling coaches of Kansas high school history. The wrestling team held the state champion title in 2012 for the 3A division. Lippelmann has four state titles, three in 4A and one in 3-2-1A.

“[State] is what the boys work for. This is the big ring on the end of the trail, to have a shot at this, to be a part of this, it’s really exciting and it’s exciting for the kids,” Coach Lippelmann said.

This year Scott City has six wrestlers participating in the state tournament. They have one freshman, two juniors, and three seniors. The wrestlers have learned to put more offense during the matches. They have always learned their defense. The team worked on many offense moves throughout the year. This year Lippelmann has recorded his 300th varsity coaching wrestling duel victory. He enjoys getting many awards about what he likes to do.

“I appreciate [getting named Coach of the Year.] I like my friends and I like what I do. That’s like a good slap on the back. I enjoy it and I enjoy getting them,” Lippelmann said.

Assistant coaches have opinions about their head coaches. Many people have heard good things about Mr. Lippelmann. Scott City has two assistant coaches. The assistant coaches are Brice Eisenhour and Aaron Dirks. Eisenhour was coached by Lippelmann in the past.

“He is a great motivator, knows technique, makes you work hard. He wants to win,” coach Eisenhour said. 

Lippelmann has taught many wrestlers in his coaching career. Three of his previous wrestlers are now coaching TMP and Grain Valley Missouri. Carlos’ team are looking at a three-peat and Jarrod coached the first person to ever place state champion at Grain Valley. Carlos and Jarrod both are at Grain Valley. Dakota Hays coaches at TMP.

 Lippelmann gives credit to his wife, Marilyn, for helping his throughout his coaching vocation. He teaches at Scott City High being the teacher for Technology Education. Lippelmann has no children, which means that his wrestlers are like his children.
“[My thoughts about Lippelmann] is [that he is] a really wise man. Doesn’t have any kids so he kind of takes us in as all of his sons. He’s a great coach to have,” junior Cooper Griffith said.

Parents of the wrestlers have thoughts about coach Lippelmann. Jill Tucker, mother of Zachary Tucker, a freshman, weight class 106, says that Lippelmann has influenced her son. Tucker admires everything that Lippelmann has taught him during the season.  

Jessica Gamez



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