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Rossville Maintains Sufficient Leadership

Last year, Rossville was ranked No.2 after Norton, who has won numerous years previously. However, this year is a different story. Rossville is ranked No. 1 in the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association. This is 11th year coaching the Rossville Buffalo wrestling team for head coach, Curt Brecheisen.

“[My Expectations] are to do as well as we possibly can and hopefully come out in the top two or three,” said Brecheisen.
This year, Rossville has had eight qualify for the state tournament this year. This bunch includes a senior, four juniors, a sophomore, and two freshmen.

“We have really practiced on different situations and we’ve really worked hard for this point all the way up through the year,” said freshman Holden Hurla.

Even though this is the first year at state for many of the wrestlers, they look for guidance from Senior Nick Reesor, who is ranked No. 1 in the 160 lb. weight-class and received 5th at the state tournament last year.

“I just make sure I push everyone in practice, sometimes the guys need a little extra push so with it being my last year I gotta give them that extra push,” said Reesor, “Our head coach’s big motto is shape for us. We work really hard in practice to build shape and obviously work on technique, but shape is huge for later on in February, regionals and state, things like that. Our goal is obviously to win state [as a team], put a few guys in finals and see how it goes.”

Not only does the team look up to Reesor and their coaches, but they are also close as a team and travel to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat after every tournament. Including brothers Isaac Luellen and Isaiah Luellen.

“He’s worse than me,” jokes Isaac Luellen, “I’m definitely going to be rooting for him, I just cheer for him and have a good time.”

Brianna Rohr


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