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Norton Looks For Another Championship Title

The Norton Bluejays wrestling team is no stranger to success. Since 2010, the Bluejays have won four overall state titles. In this year’s state wrestling tournament, Norton is seeded second behind Rossville. Winning last year and the year before, Norton is looking to continue their streak and take the first place title once again.

“Our team goal is to win it all and we’re all expected to go out and try our hardest,” senior Kendall Miller said.

Norton has ten wrestlers qualified for state. Out of the ten, five have been to the tournament in previous years and five are new to the scene. There are two seniors, five juniors, one sophomore, and two freshman from the Norton team present. With seven upperclassmen there is no shortage of leadership.

“I just give everything I can to help everyone else out at practice. I keep everyone up and tell my teammates to keep their heads held high,” junior Jordan Dole said.

Norton’s head coach, Bill Johnson, prepares every wrestler mentally and physically. Every coach wants to prepare their wrestlers and keep them motivated throughout the whole season. Assistant coach, Shane Miller, explains how the Norton coaches achieve this.

“We get them used to or understand the stress that goes into this week and how to handle that adversity. Collectively as a whole we go out and try to win tournaments. We’ve put ourselves in some very tough tournaments and that helps us for this time of the year,” Miller said.

Winning four years since 2010 would put a certain amount of pressure on the team as a whole. Seeded 2nd in the tournament also adds to that amount of pressure. However, the Bluejays don’t let it get to them.

 “I don’t think anything about it. Rankings don’t matter to us at all. I don’t think we really feel any pressure,” junior Gavin Lively said.
The team continues to strive to improve with every match and tournament. They lead through example, listen to what their coaches have to say, and apply the advice in practice and matches.

“I open my mind up and let the coaches tell me what to do and from that I’ve learned a lot,” Dole said.

Sarah Mick



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