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Haag Does it Right

Ron Haag is no stranger to the 3-2-1A State Wrestling Tournament, nor is he a stranger to most of the wrestling world across the Midwest. Haag wrestled at Northwest Community College in Powell, Wyoming, then transferred to Chadron State College in Nebraska. Later he came to Fort Hays State University where he was the wrestling graduate assistant. He returned to both of his alma maters where he spent some time as both assistant, and head coach. After coaching he returned to FHSU where he is currently the Campus Intramurals and Recreation Director and helps mentor and train young college officials.

“Haag teaches us how to be a professional and how to act on the mat. It’s fun working with him. He’s very experienced and knows what he’s doing; he makes it enjoyable,” Landon Younger said.

Though Haag was tournament manager in 1991, he didn’t start officiating in Kansas until 1995. He officiates wrestling meets at the junior high level, collegiate level, and everywhere in-between. He has the experience of officiating eight National championships and will be adding two more this year. Haag keeps busy traveling to and from wrestling tournaments; it’s not unusual for him to leave a high school meet in Colby, KS and head to Warrensburg, MO to officiate a college meet for the next day.

Pictured to the right: Haag talks to fellow officials during a break at the 3-2-1A State Tournament.

When fellow official, Lisa Woody, was asked about Haag, there was only positive things to be said about his demeanor.
“He expects the best out of everybody, but he gives back the best in return. He knows wrestling isn’t everything in life but it is his favorite. He’s very compassionate. ” Woody said.
Being a wrestling official can be tricky, and this year he is the head official at the 3-2-1A tournament. To prepare for his many meets and tournaments he spends hours looking over the National Federation and NCAA rule books to insure he fully understands the rules and regulations of the sport. When he makes a call, he makes it with his mind and makes sure he upholds his integrity, while keeping it correct and fair for all involved.

Before stepping out onto the mat he prays, “Let me do what's right for the sport, for the kids, and for You.” As a coach and wrestler, you know with Ron Haag officiating, it will be a clean and fair called match.

Paige Molstad



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