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Tooley’s Passion Leads to Championship Round

Greg Tooley, a junior at St. Mary’s high school, has always had a passion for wrestling. This season, Tooley is 47-0 and ranked number one in state at weight class 145. Tooley will be wrestling Michael Dusin from Phillipsburg in the state championship at the state tournament this evening.

“For the finals match I’m just going to go out and wrestle my best. I’m going to do what I do every match,” Tooley said.

Tooley’s commitment to wrestling goes outside the wrestling season as well. He practices year-round and didn’t play football this year in preparation for this wrestling season.

Left: Tooley attempts to take down his opponent at the 321 State Wrestling Tournament.

“Greg wrestles throughout the summer and continues working out by lifting weights when he has Christmas break and spring break,” Tooley’s mother Julie said.

One of the more unique things about Tooley that sometimes comes at a disadvantage is he doesn’t always have the mental confidence in himself.

“His biggest challenge sometimes is his own mental confidence. He doesn’t realize how good he really is. That’s something he’ll have to overcome as he goes along. He’s one of the top wrestlers in the state and he needs to start believing it,” head coach Travis Van Vleck explained.

A goal for Tooley has always been to make it to the state championship, as it is many other wrestlers. A longtime goal will be completed and successful as Tooley wrestles tonight.

Right: Tooley wrestles during the 321 State Wrestling Tournament.

“The state championship is something he has always strived for for a long time, so all his hard work and time he has put into his wrestling career is paying off,” Van Vleck said.

Christen Spinelli



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