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Balancing Hard Work

Tristan Speer is not your average wrestler. Being undefeated with a record of 33-0, one would think that he only puts his time and effort into wrestling. That is not the case with Speer. Speer participates in two sports: wrestling and basketball. Also being from Troy, who doesn’t have a wrestling program, he wrestles at a nearby school, Doniphan West.

To do both sports, Speer needed approval from his school administration. The administration accepted it as long as Speer had a plan.

“My primary sport is wrestling, so if there’s any conflict I go to wrestling,” Speer explained.

Right: Tristan Speer wrestles AJ Cooper in the state championship match.

Participating in two sports can be challenging at times. Student athletes have issues keeping up with school and keeping up with other extra-curricular activities, imagine doing two. Fitting in practices for both of the sports was a problem they had to work around. His basketball coach works well with him and helps make it easier to do both sports.

“It’s a little bit challenging with practices. The nights get late when we have them both days,” Speer said.

Speer balances the practices by going to basketball practice some mornings and wrestling immediately after school. He typically has around three practices for each sport a week.

Balancing practices aren’t the only challenges Speer faces. He also has to look forward to his upcoming matches and prepare himself.

“My biggest challenge was my semifinals match last night. State finals may be even harder than that,” Speer said.

Sarah Mick and Christen Spinelli



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