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Eyes On The Prize

Like all star athletes, Brogan Humphrey, a senior at Fredonia High School, has a story. Humphrey began wrestling at the young age of five. Like all young minds at that age, they get inspired to go into a career or going out for a sport by watching other people. Humphrey is no different and was inspired by watching WWE and reenacting the moves on his brother and his brother’s friends. 

Right: Brogan Humphrey stands on the podium from the 2013 3-2-1 A State Tournament at 138 weight class.

Being a wrestler for thirteen years, Humphrey has had his share of losses and achievements. His record in the past years have been: 42-1 freshman year, 44-1 sophomore year and 45-0 junior year. His current record of this year is 34-1. Humphrey’s total record for his high school career is 165-3.

“This year losing to a kid named Andrew Rohouse, it was my first loss in two years. It kicked me back into gear, made me start working harder,” Humphrey said.

Despite the losses in past years, Humphrey has won a state champion title three years in a row, which he says is his greatest achievement.

But what makes Brogan Humphrey such a great wrestler, that he can win the state wrestling championship three years in a row?

Left: Humphrey wrestles Landoll in the 2013 state tourament.

“I’m aggressive at all times and I don’t stop until the whistle. I wrestle them as hard as possible and I don’t give up,” Humphrey said.

Everyone has goals in life and when it comes sports, the athlete’s goal for that season sets the pace.

“My goal is to win a fourth state title,” Humphrey said.

With the record he has this year, it looks like Humphrey may be able to claim that fourth title. He plans on continuing to wrestle in college, though he isn’t sure where he plans on going yet. With that in mind, Humphrey had one last goal that he hopes to achieve while wrestling in college, to get a national champion title.

Dusty Bittel


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