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Bowe Behymer Dominates

Dominating his first three matches in the 160 weight class, senior Bowe Behymer from Beloit advanced directly into finals.  Doing so well here at this state tournament, has been no surprise for him, the fans, or his coaches. Success is no stranger to Behymer. He has gone undefeated this wrestling season with a record of 36-0.

Trying to stay undefeated throughout the year has placed a lot of pressure of Behymer. He deals with this pressure and as a senior, takes a leadership role on the team. The Beloit wrestling team is very senior dominated this year, but Bowe has taken on the responsibility of leading the team throughout the season.

“He’s definitely our leader. Everyone follows Bowe. He is the team’s leader,” said the Beloit Trojan’s head wrestling coach Andy Niemczyk.

Always looking to improve, Behymer works hard and practices every chance he gets. The offseason is big chance for him to work and get better.

Right: Behmeyer after beating Pfeifer from Ellis

“I go to some camps, and I really work hard in the weight room. Other sports like football also help me a lot,” said Behymer.

While working hard and practicing is a factor in how good he is, it is evident that he has a knack for the sport. His natural ability is something that has helped push him forward on the mat. Both he and his coach agree that his speed and strength is a huge advantage for him.

“Bowe is the total package. He’s very strong for his weight class, very fast, and has great balance. He’s such a competitor,” said Niemczyk. “He refuses to lose. Really just the total athlete.”

Behymer has received encouragement this entire season. His team, coaches, and family is behind him for support and encouragement every match.

“We’ve always just said to go out there and have fun. Since he was six years old we said to do your best. My advice to him is always to have a good time doing it,” said Behymer’s mother Angie Behymer.

Being undefeated can have its downsides. An example can be feeling like you haven’t been pushed enough.

“His biggest challenge this year is that he isn’t being pushed. He dominates everyone he faces. Also it’s a mental thing with him,” comments Niemczyk.

Left: Bowe Behymer wrestles in the state championship match against sophomore Garret Dunlap of Donaphin West.

He has many goals this year, but being undefeated wasn’t one of them. Angie Behymer discusses what his goals this season have been.

“It’s really exciting that he’s undefeated. Being undefeated wasn’t actually one of his goals this year. His goal is to work really hard and go out and win the state championship.”

Sarah Mick




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