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Brothers Unite to Lead Team

The Hoisington wrestling team never lacks leadership, in or out of the wrestling room. With such great leadership on the team, it’s sometimes hard for individuals to stand out. The team also has outstanding work ethic.

Right: Coach Dan Schmidt at the 321 State wrestling tournament.

“This team has tremendous work ethic. When we have a snow day they are the first to call me and ask when they can get in and practice. That says a lot about a kid, when he has a chance to take a day off, but instead is focused on the task at hand and getting better,” head coach Dan Schmidt said.

One of the wrestlers who take a huge leadership role on the team is Brandon Ball. Brandon along with his brother Jonathan were homeschooled up until high school, which makes their situation a little unique.

“It just comes back to how hard they work, they watch videos of matches and take care of business in the classroom. The kids come from a set of really great parents that have all their priorities in order, and I can tell you one thing, it’s not wrestling,” Schmidt said.

The Ball’s have not only wrestled during the high school season, but also wrestle in national tournaments post season. Having this much experience makes Brandon an exceptional leader.

“The Ball kids not only have experience in state but also out of state. They’ve gone to national tournaments outside of the season and done exceptional in them. So their overall scope of the sport is excellent,” Schmidt said.

Being brothers in the same program they strive to make themselves better, but also work to make each other better.

Right: Jonathan Ball wrestles at the 321 State Wrestling Tournament.

“I haven’t had anyone too hard in my weight class this year, I’ve been working hard to make my brother, Jonathan, better as a wrestler,” Brandon said.

Since the Ball brothers are so exceptional at wrestling they have managed to make an extraordinary impact in the Western Kansas wrestling scene. Both brothers have been sought out by news organizations all over Kansas, all demanding to know how they do what they do and what motivates them. Despite the unwanted spotlight, the brothers have continued to wow spectators with their exceptional wrestling skill and their dedication to the sport.

Left: Brandon Ball wrestles at the 321 State Wrestling Tournament.

Christen Spinelli


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