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Loaded Regional

Strong traditions and outstanding wrestling has made Northwest Kansas one of the toughest wrestling regionals in the 3-2-1A class for many years. With having such exceptional wrestlers, it makes the competition tougher and tougher each year.

The teams from this regional did exceptionally well in the 2013 state tournament. Norton Community High School was the team state champion, Hoxie was the runner-up, Plainville took third, and although fourth does not receive an award, Scott Community High School was also from the Northwest regional and finished fourth.

This Northwest regional individuals performed outstanding at the 3-2-1A state tournament in 2013. From the Northwest regional there were 5 state champions, which was 35% of the total state champions. There were a total of 36 state placers, which was 42.8% of the total state placers at the 3-2-1A state tournament. In four separate weight classes the top two placers from the Northwest regional met in a rematch for the state title at their weight class.

Based off of the 2014 state rankings released on February 18th, there are 27 wrestlers from the Northwest regional ranked in state. That is about 33% of the total ranked wrestlers.

Picture to above right: Dalton Hensley and Tristian Porsch wrestle for first and second to punch their ticket to the 321A state wrestling tournament.

Picture to bottom left: Norton coach Bill Johnson looks on as Toby Nickell wrestles Clay Caasaw from St. Francis in the championship round.

Christen Spinelli


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