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Lambotte's Goals Lead to Success

Tagen Lambotte started wrestling at the young age of six. He advanced and got better by setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

“I set high goals for myself and when you set goals you work to get better speed, strength, determination, and technique,” Lambotte said.

By working to achieve those goals, Lambotte has earned three individual state titles for Rossville High School and looks to get his fourth one at this year’s state tournament, he has a total record of 160-5 in his high school wrestling career.

“I will take it like any other tournament. I won’t be arrogant or cocky and I think that will get me far.”

Tagen’s older brother, Cody Lambotte, a past wrestler for Rossville and is now the assistant wrestling coach for Tagen’s high school team. Like any brother, Cody works to encourage and motivate Tagen.

“He pushes me a lot in practice. As far as motivation, it’s like any other brother/athlete/coach relationship in that it’s a little different than any other coach athlete relationship. He knows how to push the right buttons and twerks me off from time to time, which is good,” Lambotte said.

As for Lambotte’s future aspirations for wrestling, he will be wrestling for one of the most successful college wrestling teams, the University of Iowa. Lambotte will wrestle at weight class 149. Iowa wrestling has won 23 NCAA tournaments, all of which have come since 1975.  Lambotte is the only Kansas high school wrestler Iowa has recruited and signed this year.

“I chose Iowa because I've always been a Hawkeye fan and I love the way they wrestle ,” Lambotte said.

Picture to above left: Lambotte defends his Maryville opponent, Eddie Creek, take down attempt in the 2012 championship finals.

Picture to below right: Tagen Lambotte stands on the podium holding his third state championship bracket.

Christen Spinelli


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