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Junior High Wrestling

The Ellis junior high wrestling team traveled to Plainville on Thursday January 30th for matches with TMP, Beloit, Hill City, Russell, and the host Cardinals. The team had some tough matches on the night and were only able to win 27 of the 57 matches wrestled. Landon Dinkel was on the mat for the first time this season and was able to pick up two victories out of the three matches that he wrestled. Kaydawn Haag was able to push her win total to four for the season and is still undefeated. The team travels to Trego on Thursday this week for matches and then to Russell for an eleven team tournament on Friday.

Results from Plainville Event

Talen Roland 1-1

Mason Younger 2-0

Gavyn Wildeman 2-1

Hunter Guffey 0-3

Rick Kreutzer 0-2

Austin Gilbert 0-1

Tage Cass 1-1

Lucas Dinkel 0-3

Chance Jimenez 3-0

Beau Brogden 0-3

Austin Carroll 1-1

Chason Fabrizius 0-2

Dalton North 0-3

Kaiden Colby 1-2

Kaishen Brack 1-1

Bryson Lyman 1-1

Caleb Noble 3-0

Logan Russell 2-1

Landon Dinkel 2-1

Callie Priest 1-2

Jennifer Cunningham 2-1

Maleah Vine 1-1

Kaydawn Haag 2-0

Sydney Redetzke 1-1

Coach Armbruster