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EJH Boys Track Victoria Quad Results

Ellis Junior High Boys Track traveled to Victoria Thursday, April 6, 2017, where both the 7th and 8th grade teams dominated. 8th grade took first place scoring 110.5 points and the 7th grade, also, took first place with 73 points.

8th Grade Results
75 M Dash: Nathan Wechsler- 10.00 2nd place, Michael Pritchett-10.65 5th place, Tegan Cain-10.83 DNP, Kolten Keller-11.19 DNP, Cody Eberle-11.94 DNP
100 M Dash: Brady Frickey-12.37 3rd place, Michael Pritchett-13.50 DNP, Kolten Keller-14.83 DNP, Clay North 19.00 DNP
200 M Dash: Nathan Wechsler-28.88 2nd place, Austin McGuire-31.35 DNP
400 M Dash: Konnor Pfeifer-1:00.91 3rd place
800 M Run: Clay Shaw-2:33.88 1st place, Donavan Colby-2:43.82 3rd place, Kolten Keller-3:06.28
1600 M Run: Daniel Eck-5:45.53 2nd place, Zach Schiel-5:52.25 4th place
3200 M Run: Samuel Pyle-12:39.83 1st place
75 M Hurdles: Austin McGuire-18.75 2nd place, Michael Pritchett-19.44 3rd place
200 M Hurdles: Austin McGuire-34.08 2nd place, Michael Pritchett-35.69 3rd place
Relays: 400 M Relay-51.41 1st place-Clay Shaw, Matthew Bieker, Konnor Pfeifer, Brady Frickey
800 M Relay-1:53.01 1st place-Konnor Pfeifer, Clay Shaw, Daniel Eck, Brady Frickey
800 Sprint Medley Relay-2:01.46 1st place-Daniel Eck, Clay Shaw, Nathan Wechsler, Matthew Bieker
High Jump: Matthew Bieker-5’ 2” 1st place, Austin McGuire-5’ 0” 3rd
Long Jump: Brady Frickey-18’ 5.5” 1st place, Zach Schiel-13’ 3” DNP
Triple Jump: Daniel Eck 33’ 10” 1st place, Konnor Pfeifer 33’ 7.75” 2nd place, Zach Schiel-29’ 8.25” 4th place
Shot Put: Trace Patee-35’ 1”, Toby Woodworth-33’ 9” 5th place, Jaryn Wildeman-27’ 8.5” DNP
Discus Throw: Trace Patee-104’ 0” 1st place, Toby Woodworth-91’ 3” 3rd place, Jaryn Wildeman-59’ 7” DNP.

7th Grade Results
75 M Dash: George Crawford-11.16 1st place, Easton Burton-11.18 2nd place, Bryson Luea-11.22 3rd place, Daniel Crawford-12.06 4th place
100 M Dash: Tyson Jimenez-13.33 1st place, Mason Gottschalk-13.45 3rd place, Bryson Luea-15.00 DNP, Daniel Crawford-16.34 DNP
200 M Run: Mason Gottschalk-28.13 2nd place, Samuel Honas-30.82 5th place, Bryson Luea-32.46 DNP
400 M Run: Zeke Haag-1:07.44 3rd, Easton Burton-1:14.03 5th place
800 M Run: Cale Younger-2:47.22 2nd place
75 M Hurdles: Daniel Crawford-23.00 4th place
Relays: 400 M Relay-55.34 1st place-Tyson Jimenez, Mason Gottschalk, Samuel Honas, George Crawford
800 M Relay-2:09.76 2nd place-Cale Younger, George Crawford, Nathan Johnson, Zeke Haag
800 Sprint Medley Relay-2:34.13 2nd place-Tyson Jimenez, Mason Gottschalk, Samuel Honas, Nathan Johnson
Long Jump: Samuel Honas-13’ 10.5” 3rd place
Triple Jump: Easton Burton-25’ 4” 2nd place
Shot Put: Nathan Johnson-26’ 0” 2nd place, Zeke Haag-25’ 10.5” 3rd place, Tanner Kohlrus-23’ 9” 4th place
Discus Throw: Nathan Johnson-69’ 1” 3rd place, Tanner Kohlrus-59’ 2” 5th place, George Crawford-54’ 1” DNP.
  “I am so proud of how our first meet turned out!! First place for both teams and many marks were so much better than what we have been practicing! Nice job! Way to go gentlemen!” Coach Greenway

Paula Greenway