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Junior High Track Travels to Trego

Ellis Junior High track has officially begun! This year there are eleven eighth grade and twelve seventh graders, with Jarett Mader as manager. Eighth graders are: William Crawford, Jose Herman, Jayden Lehman, Dakota Metzler, Quinton Shepard, Rylan Cass, Maverick Gnad, Rex Johnson, Alex McGuire, Carson North and Carson Fisher. Seventh Grade: Kaishen Brack, Landen Clapper, Bryson Lyman, Tridon Mitts, Talen Roland, Mason Younger, Aiden Amrein, Austin Carroll, Kaiden Colby, Layton Martinson, Dalton North and Logan Russell.

These young men competed at their first meet Thursday, April 4, 2019, in Trego, at the 2019 Trego Quad. There were no team points scored.

Eighth grade results: 200 M Dash—Rylan Cass 30.82, 5th; 400 M Run—Carson North 1:07. 40, 3rd; 800 M Run—Carson North 2:43.00, 4th; 1600 M Run—Dakota Metzler 6:16.00, 1st; 400 M Relay—Rylan Cass, Dakota Metzler, Rex Johnson, Carson North 54.12, 3rd; 800 M Relay—Rylan Cass, Jayden Lehman, Dakota Metzler, Rex Johnson 1:59.00, 2nd; 1600 M Relay—Carson North, Quinton Shepard, Alex McGuire, Rex Johnson 4:33.00 1st; High Jump—Quinton Shepard DNP; Pole Vault—Dakota Metzler 8’ 0”, 1st, Quinton Shepard 7’ 0”, 2nd; Long Jump—Alex McGuire 13’ 9”, 5th, William Crawford & Jose Herman DNP; Triple Jump—William Crawford 22’ 3” 4th; Shot Put—Maverick Gnad 27’ 3”, 5th; Discus Throw—Jayden Lehman 89’ 6” 1st, Maverick Gnad 67’ 5.5 “ 6th; Javelin Throw—Rex Johnson 108’ 9”, 2nd, Jayden Lehman 84’ 11” 6th, Maverick Gnad and Alex McGuire DNP.

Results for the seventh grade: 200 M Dash—Aiden Amrein 26.53, 1st, Tridon Mitts 33.59, 3rd; 800 M Run—Mason Younger 2:54.00, 5th, Logan Russell DNP; 3200 M Run—Austin Carroll 15:42.31, 1st; 100 M Hurdles—Austin Carroll 20.24 4th, Dalton North DNP; 400 M Relay—Dalton North, Mason Younger, Landen Clapper, Bryson Lyman 59.78 2nd; High Jump—Landen Clapper DNP; Pole Vault—Mason Younger 6’ 6”, 1st, Austin Carroll 5’ 6” 3rd; Long Jump—Aiden Amrein 18’ 3’, 1st, Mason Younger 13’ 11”, 2nd, Austin Carroll 12’ 5”, 3rd, Logan Russell 11’ 9”, 4th; Triple Jump—Aiden Amrein 33’ 8”, 1st, Dalton North DNP; Shot Put—Kaishen Brack 26’ 11.75”, 2nd, Bryson Lyman, Kaiden Colby, & Layton Martinson DNP; Discus Throw—Bryson Lyman 66’ 9.5”, 4th, Kaishen Brack 60’ 11”, 5th, Layton Martinson & Kaiden Colby DNP; Javelin Throw—Kaishen Brack 88’ 0”, 1st, Logan Russell 88’ 2” 4th, Bryson Lyman & Layton Martinson DNP.

“With the way the weather has been I was wondering if we were going to get to have one! Way to go gentlemen Railers!” Coach Greenway. Our next meet is Thursday, April 11th, 2019 in the 43rd annual Squire Invitational in Victoria, Ks at 1:00 p.m.

Coach Greenway