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Ellis Junior High Duels With Larned

Ellis Junior High had a wrestling dual with Larned on Tuesday February 7th.  The team ended up losing the dual by the score of 57-39.  We unfortunately were open in three weight classes that gave them 18 points which was the difference in the dual.  Of the fifteen matches that were wrestled, Ellis was able to win 8.  We also wrestled 10 exhibition matches on the night and we were able to win 6 out of the 10.  “It was a great night for Ellis wrestling because we were able to have both the junior high and high school wrestle as well as some youth matches.”   The team then traveled to Stockton on Thursday February 9th for matches with Norton, Phillipsburg, Plainville and the host Stockton team.  The team was able to only win 17 matches and suffered 26 losses on the night.  We then had matches with TMP on Friday nightas well. Ellis was able to win 8 out of the 9 matches.  

Wrestler  Stockton Matches  TMP Matches

AJ Rybeck   2-1

Daniel Crawford  1-2

Easton Burton   1-2 

George Crawford  1-2   1-0

Jordon Knoll   0-2 

Tyson Jimenez   0-1   1-0

Sam Pyle   1-2

Donovan Colby   0-3   1-0

Zeke Haag   0-1   2-0

Michael Pritchett  1-2   1-0

Jagr Reese   0-2   0-1

Cale Younger   2-0   1-0

Tate Roland   2-0

Konnor Pfeifer   2-0

Clay North   1-2

Nathan Johnson  1-2

Toby Woodworth  2-1   1-0

Jaryn Wildeman  1-1


Brandon Armbruster