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EJH Girls Basketball vs. Trego and Oakley

EJH vs. Trego

Ellis Jr. High girls basketball traveled to Trego Nov. 10th and brought back wins for both the varsity and junior varsity teams. In the varsity game, Ellis girls led throughout the game but it was a tight battle up through the third quarter when the score was Ellis 20 to Trego 17. In the fourth quarter, the Ellis girls turned up the heat with pressure and pulled away scoring 18 points in the fourth quarter and only allowing one point to be scored by Trego. The final score with a win by 20 points was Ellis 38 to Trego 18.

Leading scorer for Ellis was Isabella Eck with 20 points, Natallee North had 16 and Addison Kohl had two. Leading rebounder for Ellis was North with 11 followed by Eck and Kohl with seven each, Brooke Starns had six and Alyssa Rome had two.

In the J.V. contest, Ellis led at the half 13 to 11. Ellis only gained five points in the third quarter compared to Trego gaining nine which left the score with Ellis behind by two going into the fourth quarter. Ellis built on their score and did not allow Trego to score at all in the fourth quarter which brought Ellis to a win with the final score Ellis 24 to Trego 20.

Leading scorer for Ellis was Avery Boydston with nine followed by Raegan Jimenez with eight. Sienna Schmidt, Payten Burd and Grace Brull each had two and Kaycee Cranwell had one. Leading rebounder for Ellis was shared by Cranwell and Kia Mader each with three, Boydston, Leah Reed and Jimenez each had two and Burd had one board.

EJH vs. Oakley

The Ellis Jr. High girls basketball team hosted Oakley on Nov. 12th. In the varsity game, it appeared that it was going to be a close game at the end of the quarter with Ellis only leading by one point at Ellis 5 to Oakley 4. In the second quarter, Ellis just like with the Trego game earlier in the week, turned up the heat of their defense and increased their lead by 17 and holding Oakley to zero points in the second quarter. Ellis went into the locker room at the half leading with a score of Ellis 22 to Oakley 4. Ellis continued to build their lead in the third quarter with Ellis having 34 points and only allowing Oakley one point for a score of five. Coach Sheryl Butler took out the starters for the entire fourth quarter. Final score was Ellis 37 to Oakley 13.

Leading scorer for Ellis was Isabella Eck with 17 points, Natalee North had 11, Addison Kohl had four, Leah Reed came off the bench for three and Brooke Starns had two. Leading rebounder was Starns with 13 boards followed by North with 11. Alyssa Rome had five boards, Eck had three and Kohl had two. Ellis had a total of 34 rebounds to Oakley’s 13.

The Ellis Jr. varsity came up short losing to Oakley 17 to nine. Leading scorer for Ellis was Kaycee Cranwell with five. Grace Brull and Avery Boydston added two points each. Leading rebounder for Ellis was Cranwell with five followed by Boydston with four. Reed had two boards and Brull, Gracelyn Hamel and Raegan Jimenz each had one.

In the first C-game of the season, Ellis lost to Oakley 31 to 10. Leading scorer for Ellis was Payten Burd with six and Hamel had four. Leading rebounder for Ellis was Hamel with five boards. Josephine DePuy, Burd and Sienna Schmidt each had two rebounds and Kia Mader had one.

Sheryl Butler