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JH Boys Basketball Underway

The junior high boys basketball team has begun practice getting ready for the upcoming season.  Eighth grade team members this year are Aron Benze, Tyler Bongartz, Beau Brogden, Tage Cass, Chason Fabrizius, Austin Gilbert, Toby Honas, Chance Jimenez, Ian McGuire, Caleb Noble, JT Rhoden, and Gavyn Wildeman.  The seventh grade team members are Ben Byers, Tracyn Bollig, Ethan Carroll, Will Eck, Brody Fischer, Jaren Frickey, Landon Harmon, Gus Peine, Maddux Reese, Mason Rohleder, Carson Schartz, and Joel Schiel.  Managers are Kamden Keller and Brendan Seibel.  Head coach is Jack Wolf and is assisted by Dave Wildeman.


            THURS.  NOV.  5     P-VILLE                    HERE             5:00    NHS
            TUES.  NOV. 10       TREGO                      THERE          4:00
            THURS.  NOV. 12    OAKLEY                   HERE             5:00    OHS                              
            TUES.  NOV. 17       STOCKTON              THERE          4:30               
            THURS.  NOV. 20    HOXIE                        HERE             5:00    NHS  
            TUES. NOV. 23        RUSSELL                 THERE          4:30                           
            TUES. DEC 1           P-BURG                    THERE          5:00                                                  
            THURS DEC.  3       MCEL @P-VILLE     THERE          TBA
            SAT.  DEC. 5            MCEL @ P-VILLE    THERE          TBA
            TUES.  DEC. 8         TMP                           HERE             5:00    OHS                          
            THURS. DEC. 10     MCEL @ P-VILLE    THERE          TBA
            SAT. DEC. 12           B team tourn at P-burg                   9:00
            MON. DEC. 14         NORTON                   THERE          5:00               
MON. DEC 17             SMITH CENTER        HERE              4:30     NHS

Jack Wolf