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Junior High Boys Play Plainville at Home

The Ellis junior high basketball team played their first games of the season.  In the varsity game it was Ellis defeating Plainville by a score of Ellis 38 and Plainville 21.  Ellis was lead in scoring by Toby Honas with 14 points.  Will Eck had 6, Gavyn Wildeman 6, Caleb Noble 3, Chance Jimenez 3, Aron Bencze 2, Austin Gilbert 2, and Beau Brogden had 2.  Rebounding for Ellis was Bencze 4, Noble 4, Honas 4, McGuire 4, Eck 3, Gilbert 3, Brogden 3, and Fabrizius 3.

The B team defeated Plainville  by a score of Ellis 29 and Plainville 13.  Landon Harmon led all scorers with 12 followed by Joel Schiel 7, Jaren Frickey 4, Carson Schartz 4, and Gus Piene 2. Carson Schartz grabbed 6 rebounds to lead Ellis while Schiel, Piene, Frickey, and Tage Cass grabbed 2 rebounds each.