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 The junior high boys teams played Norton at Ellis on Monday November 26. 

The varsity team was defeated with a score of Norton 50 Ellis 22.  Scoring for the varsity were Logan Russell 10, Gavyn Wildeman 5, Mason Younger 4, Toby Honas 2, and Bryson Lyman 1. “ We played better the first half as we were only down by 8 against the number one team in the league” stated coach Wolf.  Norton outscored Ellis in the second half by 20 points.

The B team defeated Norton by a score of Ellis 22 Norton 17.  Scoring for the B team were Austin Carroll 8, Toby Honas 6, Gavyn Wildeman 4, Caleb Noble 2, and Dalton North 2.

 It was the C team defeating Norton.  The final score was Ellis 36 Norton 11.  Scoring for the C team were Chance Jimenez 6, Beau Brogden 6, Ian McGuire 6,  Austin Gilbert 4, Kaiden Colby 4, Tyler Bongartz 2, JT Rhoden 2, Chason Fabrizius 2, Kaishen Brack 2, and Aron Bencze 2.

Coach Wolf