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JH Boys Basketball Against TMP

  The boys junior high basketball teams were defeated by TMP yesterday.  It was the varsity coming out on the short end with a score of TMP 47 and Ellis 16.  Scoring for the varsity were Tyson Jimenez 6, Sam Honas 4, Nate Johnson 4, and Easton Burton 2.  Honas grabbed 6 rebounds Jimenez 5, Mason Gottschalk 3, and Johnson 2. 
  The B team went down to defeat by a score of TMP 49 and Ellis 14.  Scoring for the B team were Bryson Luea 5, Dakota Metzler 4, Jarrett Mader 2, Rex Johnson 2, and Daniel Crawford 1.  Tate Roland grabbed 4 rebounds, Mader 3, Luea 3, Matthew Ernst 2, and Jagr Reese 2.
  The C team suffered their first loss of the season.  The final score was TMP 25 and Ellis 19.  Scoring for the B team were Jarrett Mader 8, Rex Johnson 4, Dakota Metzler 3, Jayden Lehman 2, and Quinton Shepard 2. Shepard grabbed 4 rebounds, Tate Roland 4, Mader 3, and Metzler 2.


Coach Wolf