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State Powerlifting Results

EHS had five members travel to Solomon this weekend to compete in the 2A State Powerlifting Meet. The reults are as followed:


114 pound weight class: Abby Burton

Bench- 110 pounds, 1st place
Squat- 190 pounds, 2nd place
Clean- 130 pounds, 1st place
Overall- 430 pounds, 1st place out of 5 lifters

132 pound weight class: Samantha Crawford

Bench- 110 pounds, 5th place
Squat- 220 pounds, 2nd place
Clean- 145 pounds, 1st place
Overall- 475 pounds, 2nd place out of 8 lifters


140 pound weight class: Lane Kohl

Squat- 245 pounds
Clean- 170 pounds

156 pound weight class: Kaden Armbruster

Squat- 375 pounds, 1st place

165 pound weight class: Dalton Hensley

Bench- 260 pounds, 1st place
Squat- 350 pounds, 1st place
Clean- 235 pounds, 4th place
Overall: 845 pounds, 1st place out of 15 lifters

Congrats to these lifters!

Samantha Crawford