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Powerlifting Dominates at Trego

On Saturday, March 3rd, the Ellis Railers boys and girls powerlifting teams traveled to Trego to compete in the annual Golden Eagle Powerlighting Tournament. All together the team brought home 21 top three medals. Jaylinn Pfeifer had a very good day at her first meet placing 2nd in bench, 1st in clean, and 3rd overall in her weight class. Abby Burton and Cassie Waldschmidt battled it out in the same weight class for the top placing. Abby pulled out on top winning 1st. Samantha Crawford improved her overall total by 15 pounds from the last meet, but came up just short for hte gold by five pounds. Abby North had a 200 pound squat which was enough for the bronze medal. Tessa Cuccia increased her squat by 15 pounds from her last meet. Trey Hudson continued to have a good season by winning the bench, squat, and overall in the 140 pound weight class. Konnor Pfeifer participated in his first meet and placed 4th in the bench press with a 185 pound lift. Kaden Armbruster was able to keep his undefeated streak alive in the squat with a 410 pound lift which helped him receive a second place for the overall in his weight class.

Brandon Armbruster

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