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Railer Powerlifters Dominate at State

On Saturday, March 17th, the Railer powerlifters traveled to McLouth to compete in the 2-1A State Powerlifting meet. The team consisted of Freshman Abby North, Junior Kaden Armbruster, and Senior Samantha Crawford. Kaden took home the gold medal in the 156 pound weight class, Samantha brought home the silver and Abby North took home a fifth place medal. "It is unfortunate that schedules did not allow more of the lifters from Ellis to particpate, because they would have also done well at the meet," said Coach Armbruster. The powerlifting season concludes on April 7th with a meet in Solomon. The results are as followed:

Name Weight Class Bench Squat Clean Overall
Abby North 132 pounds 90 pounds 200 pounds (3rd) 125 pounds (5th) 415 pounds- 5th out of 10
Samantha Crawford 140 pounds 120 pounds (1st) 210 pounds (2nd) 145 pounds (2nd) 475 pounds- 2nd out of 6
Kaden Armbruster 156 pounds 225 pounds (3rd) 405 pounds (1st) 225 pounds (2nd) 855 pounds- 1st out of 7

Jaylinn Pfeifer

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