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Powerlifters End Season at 2-1A Gorilla Classic in Solomon

The powerlifting team participated in the Solomon High School Gorilla Classic on Saturday, April 7th, to end their season. Every 2-1A school in the state was invited to the event. The lifters had a very good day with all five that particpated placing in the top 2 of their weight class. Abby Burton ended her lifting career by winning all three lifts and winning the overall by 60 pounds in her group. Jaylinn Pfeifer competing in only her second competition also had a good day placing second in bench, third in squat, and first in clean with a lift of 145 pounds. She placed second overall in the 114 pound weight class. Abby North had her best meet of the year placing first in clean and second in squat. She ended up placing second overall in the 132 pound weight class. Trey Hudson also won the overall in the 140 pound weight class. He won the squat with a 350 pound lift and placed second in both bench and clean lifts. Kaden Armbruster placed 2nd overall and won the squat with a new personal record of 425 pounds in the 156 pound weight class. Many of the students that lifted this year will return next season. Great season Railer Powerlifters!

Jaylinn Pfeifer - 114 pounds
Bench -----100 lbs----- tie for 1st
Squat -----180 lbs-----3rd
Clean -----145 lbs-----1st
Overall----425 lbs-----2nd

Abby Burton - 123 pounds
Bench ---120 lbs----1st
Squat----200 lbs----1st
Clean----145 lbs----1st
Overall---465 lbs----1st

Abby North- 132 pounds
Bench----95 lbs
Squat----200 lbs----2nd
Clean----135 lbs----1st
Overall---430 lbs----2nd

Trey Hudson - 140 pounds
Bench----205 pounds----2nd
Squat----350 pounds----1st
Clean----225 pounds----2nd
Overall---780 pounds----1st

Kaden Armbruster - 156 pounds
Bench----225 pounds
Squat----425 pounds----1st
Clean----205 pounds
Overall---855 pounds---2nd

Brandon Armbruster

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