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Powerlifters Travel To McLouth

Three Ellis lifters traveled to McLouth on Saturday January 6th to take part in the Bulldog Invitational.  The meet had 395 competitors at it this year from all classes in the state.  Freshmen Tessa Cuccia competed in her first meet and was not able to place in the top 4 in any of the lifts, but set new PR’s in the bench with a lift of 90 pounds, squat with a lift of 160 pounds and clean with a lift of 95 pounds.  There were 21 competitors in her weight class.  Junior Trey Hudson also competed in his first meet and was able to place 2nd overall with a three lift total of 720 in the 140 pound division.  His 205 pound bench placed him 2nd and his 330 pound squat placed 1st.  His best clean on the day was 185 pounds.  Junior Kaden Armbruster was able to place 1st overall with a total of 850 pounds in the 156 pound weight class.  His total set a new meet record which had been at 820 pounds.  He was able to place 1st in the squat with a lift of 395 pounds, 3rd in the bench with a lift of 225 pounds and 4th in the clean with a lift of 230 pounds.  This was a good start to the powerlifting season for these three lifters. 
The team competed in their second meet of the season on Saturday January 20th at St. Marys.  There were 175 lifters at the meet.  Tessa Cuccia was not able to place in the top three in any of her lifts, but set a new PR in each of the lifts from the previous meet.  She lifted 95 in the bench, which was an increase of 5 pounds.  Her squat of 180 was an increase of 20 pounds and her 105 pound clean was 10 better than her previous meet. 
Junior Trey Hudson had a very good day bringing home 4 gold medals and setting 3 new PR’s in the process.  He won the squat with a lift of 340 pounds, won the clean with a lift of 210 and also won the bench with a lift of 205 pounds.  His 755 pound total was a 35 pound increase over his last meet.  Trey competes in the 140 pound weight class. 
Kaden Armbruster also had a good day setting a new PR in the squat with a 405 pound lift which placed him first by 90 pounds.   He was able to lift 230 pounds in the bench which was good for the gold medal.  He lifted 215 pounds in the clean which earned him the silver medal.  He tied his total of 850 pounds from the previous meet. 

“It is nice to see the athletes continue to improve on their lifts at each meet.”  The team will next compete on February 17th at West Franklin Invitational.

Brandon Armbruster