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I-70 Golf Classic

The Railer Golf team hosted the 6th Annual I-70 Golf Classic on Thursday April 26th. Ten schools were in attendance, Ellis placing 8th overall. Brady Frickey was the 6th Ellis individual placer.

Team Results:
1. 1. Plainville 661
2. Hoxie 682
3. Trego 704
4. Atwood 722
5. Stockton 723
6. Norton 764
7. Ellsworth 764
8. Ellis 819
9. Hill City 851
10. Wheatland-Grinnell NA

Coach's Comments:

It’s always great to play a tournament on your home course. It’s a familiar feeling, you are more comfortable and more relaxed. You know where to hit your shots and the places to avoid. This certainly helped us today. We had a good talk this week and knew that we are a much better team than what we showed a Norton. We were more focused today and it showed. We broke the 400 mark for the first time this year as a team. Brady placed 6th and turned in his best round of the season. Cade was just one shot out of the medals but still turned in a respectable 90. Holden, Cody, and Zach all turned in their best scores of the season so far. It was a great morning. When we got to WaKeeney the wind picked up considerably and was gusting over 30 out of the North at times. The temperature dropped then warmed back up. These guys were tired and the wind wore on them but they battled through it. We couldn’t sustain our good play over in WaKeeney but we never gave up and I was so proud of how we stayed positive through the whole thing. On the short drive home, they all talked about how they want to work on one thing or another and as a coach that is music to my ears! Nobody made excuses, they just pointed areas where they can improve and highlighted their successes. Right now we are at our halfway point of the regular season. We don’t have many practices left before regionals, but we can learn a lot through tournament play and put in the work to be playing out best golf in the post-season. Next action is at TMP on Monday April 30.

Emily Cranwell