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Reiter & Younger Win Queen and King

This year's Homecoming candidates were Haley Reiter and Drew Keller, Abby Burton and Bryce Younger, Blakely Bittel and Geoffrey Soneson, and Kyrsten Frickey and Joseph Eck. The crowning of the king and queen usually happens before the game takes place, but with the bad weather the game was pushed forward and hour to start at 6. The crowning was planned to occur during halftime of the football game, but was moved once again. The game was delayed because of lightening so everyone was moved to the gym and the crowning of the king and queen took place. This year's winners were Haley Reiter as the queen and Bryce Younger as the king. Congratulations to all the candidates on being selected and a big congrats to Haley and Bryce!


Natalie Schoenberger