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Teacher of the Month

For the month of February, another faculilty member was chosen for teacher of the month at EHS and WGS. The third quarter classified staff of the quarter was also selceted in February. The teachers of the month were Jeff Kohl for EHS, Shawn Demuth for WGS, and Maria Mick for classified staff. Congraulations to the winners and the other nominees Jodi Boeckner, Kristi Bittel, Matt Carroll, Nicole Carroll, Alyssa Dawson, Perry Mick, Dan Walker, and Jack Wolf for EHS, Ashley Dusin, and Kelsie McMillian for WGS, and Courtney Bittel, Mindy Eck, Randy Herman, Shandra Housely, Donna Huff, Jessica Russell, and Dennis Wolf for classified staff.

kohlmaria demuth

Kaylyn Foster