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EHS & EJH Students & Parents

School picture information was distributed to all students TODAY (Thursday, October 8, 2020) during seminar.  Instructions on how to order on-line are included on this form.  Orders will be placed on-line at  Please note that orders are optional!

All students should have received ordering information except those that were absent and some seniors.  If seniors told Leann’s that they would not be ordering pictures, they did not print access codes for those students.  I do have the codes for everyone, however, so if you would like to possibly order, please let me know.  Students who were absent will have their picture taken on retake day which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2020.  The picture you currently see on-line is what will be in the yearbook (except seniors) so if you don’t like it, please plan to participate in retakes! 


Deadlines and Order information:

Friday, October 16th - Due date for first printing of orders 

Orders received after October 16th - Orders are still accepted after the due date and will be printed when retake orders are printed.


RETAKE POLICY:  Retakes are welcome if no package is purchased from initial PROOFS.

·           Retake proofs will replace theinitial proofs online for purchase.

·           All initial proofs will be deleted once retakes are photographed and will no longer be available.


If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me. In addition, if the access code/ordering information does not make it home, please contact me. 

THANKS! I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming weekend.


Maria Mick