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Railers Fall Short to Mustangs

On Friday, September 22nd, Railer Football took on the Valley Heights Mustangs. The Railers received the kickoff in the beginning of the game but shortly had to turn it over on their 4th down. Valley Heights took advantage of a great field position in their first possession and scored a rushing touchdown. Ellis then fired back and scored their own rushing touchdown with Joseph Eck scoring a 2-point conversion. Shortly after, the Mustangs returned scoring another touchdown, leaving the score 14-8, Mustangs, at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter the Railers scored another touchdown while the Mustangs slipped by and scored two touchdowns, making the score 28-14, Mustangs, at the end of the first half. Coming out into the second half the Mustangs started off strong scoring naother touchdown with a 2-point conversion. In the final quarter the Railers gave it all they had and scored another touchdown but unfortunately the Mustangs had just a little more power and scored 20 more points, ending the game at 56-20, Mustangs. Good luck to the Railers as they travel to Phillipsburg on Friday, September 29th. Go out and support!

Jaylinn Pfeifer