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Railers Fall to TMP Monarchs

On Friday, September 9th, the Railer football team took on the TMP monarchs at home. Ryan Herl scored the first touchdown late in the 1st quarter, finishing with a score of 7-0. TMP gained a lead of 21 points by half time, leaving the score 7-21. With the boys gaining energy from half time, they came back and scored another touchdown by Herl. Bryce Younger led the team with 110 rushing yards while Ryan Herl had the leading number of 10 tackles. Unfortunately, TMP pulled ahead of the Railers, winning the game 13-49.

"We started off good, but they had a fast paced offense and we don't have much depth so we just got wore out as the game went on but overall I was proud of everyones effort."- Bryce Younger

Ali Weber