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Ellis Cross Country Regionals

On Saturday, October 20th, The Ellis Cross Country team went to Meade High to participate in the 2018 Regionals. The boys started with Logan North in 12th with 18.36, Samuel Pyle in 22nd with 19.20, Clay Shaw in 24th with 19.24, Matthew Bieker in 36th with 20.02, Daniel Crawford in 54th with 21:14, and Matthew Ernst in 63rd with 22:27. The Railers came in 6th overall with a total score of 142, and an average time of 19.43. For the girls, Mali Crawford came in 33rd with 25.27, Kaitlyn Lindberg in 39th with 26.55, Kaylee Hernandez in 43rd with 27.40, and Marissa Lindberg in 47th with 32.11. The Railers came in 7th overall with an average time of 27:21 and a score of 148.

Isaac Rogers