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Ellis heads to Hoxie Invitational.

On Tuesday our Cross Country team went to the Cross Country Invitational Meet in Hoxie. On the High School side we have the boys starting with Samuel Pyle in 5th with 19.32, Logan North in 12th with 20.31, Clay Shaw in 14th with 20.45, Matthew Bieker in 18th with 21.11, andDaniel Crawford in 31st with 22.38. On the Girls side there's Maggie James in 11th with 26.35, Kaitlyn Lindberg in 16th with 28.5, Mali Crawford in 17th with 28.51, and Marissa Lindberg in 27th with 35.41. Next is the Junior High boys side with Dakota Metzler in 7th with 10.35. On the girls side of the JH we have Madi Russel in 1st with 9.17, and Harlie Bittel in 15th with 17.53.

Owen Bates