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EHS Places Two at State

Friday, February 24 and Saturday the 25, Dalton Hensley (Senior) and Bryce Younger (Junior). Wrestled at the 3,2,1A State Wrestling Tournament. The Whole tournament was filled with spectacular matches from both our wrestlers but sadly Dalton and Bryce both lost there matches in the quarterfinals. They were then put on the backsides of there brackets and didnt wrestle again till saturday. Dalton ended the day placing 3rd. and Bryce placed 5th. Good job to both for a very hard faught matches.

Bryce (Left) stares down August Farmer (First match of the day.)

(Dalton Attempting to Pin his opponent Jacob Helms)

(Bryce places 5th)

(Dalton Places 3rd)

Brevin LaBarge