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Softball Splits with Sylvan

Tuesday, April 26th, the EHS Softball team played Sylvan-Lucas. The Railers were strong during the first game, winning 15-6. The Railers were not as storng during the first five innings of the second game, trailing 10-0 at the top of the 6th, but they attempted a come back and ended up finishing the game 14-9 with Sylvan on top.

The team's overall batting average was .409. Brittany Bollig and Keighlee Wilken each had a home run. Natalie Schoenberger led the team in steals with 7, followed by Lexie Rome with 6. Bollig pitched the first game with 5 strikeouts and Schoenberger pitched the second with 6.

The Railer's next game is on Friday, April 28th, at home against Plainville. It will the the Softball Senior Night. Come out and support our team!

Samantha Crawford