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Softball Travles To Lincoln

The Railer Softball travled to Lincoln to take on the Leapords on Tuesday, April 17th. The Railers won the first game with a score of 14-11. Leading hitters for that game were Natalie Schoenberger 3 for 5 and Kloee Hernandez 2 for 4. The second game the team runruled them with a score of 23-13. Leading hitters were Peyton Reece 4 for 4, Cora Milbourne 3 for 3, Samantha Crawford 4 for 5, Natalie Schoenberger 4 for 5, Taylor Honas 1 for 3, Morgan Bittle 3 for 5, and Keighlee Wilken 3 for 5. The team turned a triple play 8 u then to 8 to 6 and 6 to 3. Next, the softball team plays at home on Friday, April 20th against Russell. It is also It is also Cancer survivor/ in memory of people who had cancer, so bring someone you know that had or has Cancer.

Taylor Honas