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Forensics Team Takes First

The EHS forensics team took first at Trego on Saturday, securing four new qualifiers and a number of medalists! Sierra Pfannenstiel received 2nd in Serious Solo; Drew Keller received 1st in Humorous Solo; Lyndsy Hinman received 5th in IDA with Caitlin Fisher; Lan Fischer received 1st in Informative and 1st in Duet with Aiden Johnson; Peyton Reese received 4th in Informative; Lauryn Becker received 4th in Oration; Michaela Keller received 5th in Extemp; Gina Cox received 3rd in Prose and 5th in Duet with Tessa Cuccia; August Sinclair received 5th in prose; Kaylyn Foster received 1st in Poetry; and Breonna North received 3rd in Poetry. Good Job EHS Forensics!


Natalie Schoenberger 3/13