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Forensic MCL Champions

Ellis High School is your MCL League Forensics Champion! EHS competed at Stockton for MCL honors today. Drew Keller received 1st in Humorous Solo (MCL Champ) and 2nd in Poetry. Blakely Bittel received 3rd in Humorous Solo and 3rd in IDA with Aiden Johnson. Dawson Sproul received 1st in Prose (MCL Champ) and 5th in Oration. Kaylyn Foster received 4th in Poetry. Cassie Waldschmidt received 2nd in Prose (nee qualifier). Lane Fischer received 6th in Informative and 4th in Duet with Aiden Johnson. Thomas Shepard received 6th in Serious Solo. Clara Crawford received 4th in Oration. Michaela Keller received 3rd in Informative. Lyndsy Hinman received 1st in Serious Solo (MCL Champ) and 6th in Duet with Caitlin Fisher.
Congrats to a team who fought for 1st at a league harder than State!