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Forensics at Western Plains

On Wednesday, April 5, the EHS Forensics Team traveled to Western Plains to compete in the WKLL League Tournament. There were many new state qualifiers. Katie Milbourne took first in prose and humorous solo, Sierra Pfanenstiel took first in serious solo, Drew Keller and Kaylyn Foster took first in duet, and Dawson Sproul took first in extempt. Other placers at the tournament include Raeven Milbourne and August Sinclair who took fifth in duet, Clara Crawford and Peyton Reese who took sixth in duet, Breonna North who took fifth in prose, Cheyenne Born who took fifth in serious solo, and Clara Crawford who took sixth in serious solo. Overall the team placed first. Congrats to everyone and to the new state qualifiers; Good Luck!

Samantha Crawford