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Greenhands Travel to Stockton

On Monday, October 9th, the Ellis FFA Greenhands traveled to Stockton for the annual FFA Greenhand Conference. Ellis High School Freshmen in FFA participated in the conference, workshops, information test, and creed speaking. Isabella Bollig placed 10th overall Greenhand for the information test, qualifying her for the spelldown. The spelldown consists of the top 25 scores from the information test and they compete to get as many questions right on stage as they can. Isabella unfortunately didn't get into the top 10 for the spelldown but fought hard. Toby Woodworth and Darren McLaughlin competed in the Creed Speaking competition. Tody advanced to the finals for creed and ended up winning the competition. Congrats to all the Greenhands and good luck to them in their future contests.

Jaylinn Pfeifer