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JH Boys Track Start Season at Home

 On Thursday, April 5, 2018, Ellis were hosts to the Ellis Quad.  Teams attending were Plainville, Trego, Victoria and Ellis. 8th grade boys team took first scoring 154 points, Plainville second with 126 points, Victoria third-74 points and Trego 65 points. 7th Grade team results: Trego- first 116 points, Plainville-109, Victoria-third-103 points and Ellis-97 points.
      Individual Results for 8th Grade Boys: 100 M Dash--Tyson Jimenez-12.70-1st, George Crawford-13.40-3rd, Bryson Luea-14.38-6th, Daniel Crawford-15.59-DNP; 200 M Dash--Tyson Jimenez-26.55-2nd, Bryson Luea-28.78-5th, Matthew Ernst-32.83-DNP; 400 M Dash--Mason Gottschalk-59.60-2nd, Cale Younger-1:05.84-3rd; 800 M Run--Tate Roland-2:27.15, Daniel Crawford-2:51.69; 400 M Relay--Mason Gottschalk, Tate Roland, Zeke Haag, Tyson Jimenez-51.15-2nd; 800 M Relay--Mason Gottschalk, Zeke Haag, Samuel Honas, Tyson Jimenez--1:49.76-1st; 1600 M Relay--Tate Roland, George Crawford, Samuel Honas, Cale Younger-4:34.38 1st; Pole Vault--Zeke Haag-7' 0"-1st, Samuel Honas- 7' 0"-2nd, Easton Burton-6' 0"-3rd; Long Jump--Samuel Honas-15' 1"-2nd, Tate Roland-13' 5"-6th, George Crawford-13' 2"-DNP, Matthew Ernst-12'4" DNP; Triple Jump--Easton Burton-27' 7.0"-3rd; Shot Put--Nathan Johnson-35' 9.5"-2nd, DJ Kinderknecht-22' 5.0"-DNP; Discus Throw--Nathan Johnson-82' 2.0"-3rd, DJ Kinderknecht-50' 10.0"- DNP; Javelin Throw--Zeke Haag-93' 0.0", Nathan Johnson-91' 3rd, Cale Younger-79' 1.0"-5th, Easton Burton-72' 2.0"-DNP.
     Individual Results for 7th Grade Boys: 100 M Dash--Alex McGuire-14.52-6th, Carson Fisher-15.30-DNP, Jose Herman-15.82-DNP; 200 M Dash--Dakota Metzler-31.79-5th, Jarret Mader-32.07-6th; 400 M Dash-Jarret Mader-1:06.93-3rd, Rex Johnson-1:09.30-4th; 800 M Run--Carson North-2:55.40-1st; 1600 M Run--Quinton Shepard-7:06.34-4th; 100 M Hurdles--Alex McGuire-20.23-2nd; 400 M Relay--Dakota Metzler, Rex Johnson, Carson North, Alex McGuire-58.09-3rd; 800 M Relay--Jarret Mader, Rylan Cass, Carson North, Rex Johnson-2:07.23-2nd; 1600 M Relay--Carson North, Carson Fisher, Jarret Mader, Quinton Shepard-4:54.56-2nd; High Jump--Quinton Shepare-4' 0" 3rd; Pole Vault--Dakota Metzler- 6' 6.0"-1st; Quinton Shepard-DNP; Long Jump--Alex McGuire-13' 4.0"-5th, Rex Johnson-12' 7.0"-6th, Jose-8' 5.5"; Triple Jump--Dakota Metzler-27' 2.0"-2nd; Shot Put--Maverick Gnad-25' 2.0"-3rd, Jayden Lehman-19' 5.0"-DNP; Discus Throw--Mavericck Gnad- 65' 8.0"-3rd, Carson Fisher-55' 7.0" DNP, Jayden Lehman-55' 3.0" DNP, Rylan Cass- 51' 2.0" DNP;  Javelin Throw--Jaydon Lehman-47' 1.0" DNP, Carson Fisher-44' 5.0", and Maverick Gnad-40' 1.0".
     "Great Job gentleman for your first meet! No where but up from here!" Coach Greenway. Next track meet is Thursday, April 12, 2018 in Victoria at 1:00 p.m. for field events and approximately at 2:30 p.m.

Coach Greenway