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Lady Railers Lose Close Game to Quinter

On Tuesday, January 30th, the lady Railer basketball team hosted the Quinter Bulldogs. The girls played quinter during the castle rock classic tournament in December. During that game, the girls lost to Quinter by a rough amount of points. Going into this regular season game, the Railers hoped to make a better showing and be able to score more. In the first quarter, Ellis was ahead. By half time, Quinter had caught up and the score was very close. It remained that way for the rest of the game. Ellis was able to keep Quinter's leading scorers, Crist and Walt, from scoring as much as they usually do. In the final seconds of the game, the Railers were behind by only two points. In an attempt to score a three to win the game, the Railers struggled to get the ball safely inbounds to make that attempt. Unfortunately, Quinter held the ball and let the time run out. The final score of the game was 44-46. Next, the lady Railers will travel to Stockton to take on the Tigers on Friday, Februrary 2nd.

Ali Weber