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Lady Railers Place 2nd at Castle Rock Classic

The Railers traveled to Quinter to play in the 2nd round of Quinter Classic. The Railers played Rawlins County to get into the championship game. They started off the first quarter with the Railers scoring 8 and Rawlins County scoring 6 points. In the 2nd quarter the Railers didn't let Rawlins County score much only letting them score 6 more points at the end of the second quarter and the Railers scoing 16 more points. Ending the first half with the Railers leading 24 to Rawlins County with 12 points. The Railes came into the 3rd quater a little short only scoring 14 points while Rawlins scored 18 points. Finally, in the 4th quater the Railers out scored Rawlins winning the game 53-39. Moving on to the championship game.

The Railers then played Hoxie for the championship game on Saturday Decemeber 14, 2019. The Railers held Hoxie in the first quarter not letting them score much. Then the Railers ended up falling short not being able to stop Hoxie from scoring on offense, but staying close with them through the 1st half. In the 4th quater the Railers caught up with Hoxie, but it wasn't enough to stop Hoxie. In the end the Railers had a tough lose to Hoxie losing only by 9 points, 42-33

Next, the Railers travel to Wheatland Grinnell to play the Thunderhawks on Tuesday December 17, 2019.

Abigail Mattheyer