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Lady Railers Fall to the Buffaloes

On Tuesday, February 28, The Railer girls had to travel all the way to Atwood to play the Buffaloes. The ladies started out strong, competing very well for the start of the away game. Atwood was able to keep it close and competitive but the lady Railers built up a small lead going into halftime. At the start of the third the score was 21 to 16 in favor of Ellis, but that's when the struggles started coming for the girls. Atwood started to climb back into the gane quickly and was able to take the lead. The girls fought hard but everything seemed to go Atwood's way in the second half. The final score was 49 to 37 in favor of the Buffaloes. The lady Railers finished this season with a record of 7-15.

Taylor Beisner